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What a hilarious movie.

"Jennifer Aniston (Jane, the psychologist) has been a queen of comedy for a while now. She has comic timing in the delivery of her lines but it is her manarism's that get me all the time.
Imogen Poots (Isabella) is both beautiful and charming in her role as an escort who wants to be an actress.

A playwright (Owen Wilson) is casting for his new project. Trouble ensues when he falls for an escort that ends up getting a role in the production. Other's fall for that girl and of course all hell breaks loose when their partners find out.

This film is Woody Allen'esque and Owen Wilson reprises his bumbling doofas role from Midnight in Paris. The camera loves Owen Wilson. He has this mischevious smirk on his face that makes the audience chuckle even when the scene isn't supposed to be funny. That is hard to achieve. Rhys Ifans (the producer of the play) also puts in a subtle but good performance.

I love films of this genre. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston suit this type of movie. Enjoy the 93 minutes.

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