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Main Cast Reviews  Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, Isla Fisher Categories  Comedy | Action | Adventure Release Date  15th Jun 2018 7.6


Former classmates who have always been there for each other and that still see each other have organized an annual game of tag every May since they were kids. Their partners also come along for the ride.

This movie has a super cast: Jeremy Renner as Jerry, Ed Helms as Hoagie, Isla Fisher as Anna, Jake Johnson as Randy, Hannibal Buress as Kevin Sable, Jon Hamm as Callahan, Rashida Jones as Cheryl, Leslie Bibb as Susan and Brian Dennehy as Randy's father.

The movies starts off by saying that It's inspired by a true story. A man (Ed Helms as Hoagie) describes his childhood and says he loved playing around in the streets with his friends. They played 'Tag' in particular.

Fast forward into the future and the childhood friends are still playing Tag as adults! The Tag game is so intense that Hoagie (Ed Helms) gets a job as a janitor (to go undercover) so as to tag his friend Callahan (played by Jon Hamm). Callahan is in an interview. Hoagie enters Callahan's office as a janitor (he looks ridiculous!) and tags him. There is a Wall street journalist in the office and she's interested in their story. She wants to join in the fun and write a story so she goes along for the ride. Their friend Jerry has never been tagged and they go on a quest to tag him.

This is a fun movie with a unique plot. Brian Denehey does a hilarious cameo as Randy's dad. Randy is the funniest of the bunch and he is played by brilliantly by Jake Johnson. Hoagie chases Randy out into the street. From the get go, the running scenes are awesome. Hoagie tags Randy. The wife of Hoagie (Isla Fisher as Anna) also assists in the Tag game drives the car. Isla is a comedic standout through out the film. They all get in the car to find Sable (the fourth friend played by Hannibal Buress), he's at a psychologists appointment and it's funny how they rush him out the door!

After finding Sable, they go into Hoagie's old house to reminisce. Randy flirts with Hoagie's mom hahaha. They all want to tag the fifth friend Jerry (played by Jeremy Renner) because he has never been tagged! Jerry is planning to get married this May. They trick Jerry into going to a Wedding Planners house, they try and tag him. The action is fantastic here, Jerry knows forms of defence and attack. Full on action scenes.

"This movie has elements of hard core hand to hand fighting that you would expect in a serious action movie. This is also hilarious because you know this is a comedy movie!"

Jerry wins but they sign a truce because Jerry's Fiance doesn't want TAG played at her wedding. They all go to Jerry's house but he's not there. He says he's at Hogie's house but its false, he was at his own basement all along with a background replica of Hoagie's Room hahaha expertly done! This is how hardcore they are into Tag, they will do anything! They go to a shopping centre. Hoagie pretends to be a grandma and fights Jerry. Jerry says he taught the elderly kung fu and uses a handbag technique to defend himself!

They then go to the rehearsal. There is a Tag ban on the rehearsal. A lady (Rashida Jones as Cheryl) arrives that used to date Chilli and Callahan. Jerry has planted her to cause confusion. Hoagie's wife (Isla fisher) is funny, she role plays a french girl and makes love to Hoagie. Chilli talks to Cheryl. She is beautiful. They tease Callahan. Callahan then pursues Cheryl and has drinks with her.

Jerry runs away from them and drives a golf cart. They chase him with another cart. They go into the woods. Jerry pops up and they chase him. These woods scenes is memorable, it made me laugh hard because for these scenes the movie turns into a serious action movie, kind of like Predator! Which makes you laugh even harder! Jerry has put booby traps there. He's starting to scare them. This is what makes this movie unique. It goes from raucous comedy to serious action.

The Bartender keeps on wanting to be a part of the Tag game, but they don't let him. It's an ongoing joke through out the movie. They track him to an AA meeting.

They attack Jerry here. Once again slow motion scenes are awesome. The wife appears in curlers, she doesn't want him to play. She has stomach pains and her baby is at risk. It seems like its for real. Randy still wants to tag him. But they let him go with his wife in hand. It appears that she is truly ill.

The wedding gets postponed. But later they find out that Jerry faked it all! Hoagie gets angry hehehe. They plan to tag him at the wedding. Hoagie is really angry at the bride. The wedding proceeds. In anger Hoagie runs at Jerry who is at the alter. Hoagie falls on the ground, he's knocked unconscious. I won't spoil the ending.

The "Tag" movie does something unique. It blends raucous comedy with full on intense action scenes. I've seen this before but not to this extent. The comedic standouts were Ed Helms and Jake Johnson. As for the action, Jeremy Renner does fantastic as he has done in past movies. Enjoy the hilarious and action packed 1hr 40min.


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