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Diane Lane plays Anne, the wife of a busy Hollywood producer, Michael, played by Alec Baldwin. Although Alec doesn't appear that much in the movie he is a scene stealer. Michael is obsessed with his work and doesn't pay much attention to his beautiful wife Anne.

Michael, Jacques (Michaels french business friend played wonderfully by Arnaud Viard) and Anne catch a taxi to the airport. We notice Jacques stopping and buying fresh produce. She feels unwell and cannot fly. Jacques suggests he take her to Paris by driving there. They all agree and Anne and Jacques start on their voyage. She gives him his credit card to book an Inn. She feels slightly uncomfortable that she is staying overnight with him. She says to him "I'm not french" and to her relief she gets her own room. They go to a restaurant and a personal conversation commences. They eat many courses and the food scenes make you hungry! He does however mention how popular Michael is with the starlets and this makes her sad and she leaves the dinner table.

Once again, he asks her to use her credit card for the dinner the night before. While they drive to Paris the car breaks down and they have a picnic to think it over. It's the perfect spot for a picnic, a river... tree's... so cliche! After the picnic Anne fixed the car fan belt by using her stocking (she saw it on YouTube).

They end up getting a new car. They then go to a cinematography museum. Jacques has an ex lover there called Martine (the beautful Elise Tielrooy). Anne catches Jacques doing up his pants walking out of a room! Then they go to a fabric museum. This museum is beautiful. Then they visit a cathedral, even more stunning. We find out at that Anne has gone through a great loss, her baby son past away very young. They go to dinner again, the dishes once again superb! There is a dish called "Nipples of Venus" and Jacques steals one from Anne's plate and eats it.

They then arrive at the Paris apartment. He kisses her but she says she can't go on with this. He gives her a special wrist band of his and leaves. He then sends her some fine chocolates and a packet of all the money she lent him. She uses the wrist band to tie her hair and that's the end of the movie!

It feels like a short movie. Maybe the audience wanted more.

"There is great chemistry between Diane Lane and Arnaud Viard and that's what makes this movie special"
. Of course the french landscapes, cuisine and buildings also add to the uniqueness of this movie. What a great film. Enjoy the scrumptious 92 minutes.

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Paris Can Wait

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